HCAB Committees

HCAB is comprised of six committees:

  • Advisory Committee: Work with the Honors College faculty and staff to serve as the voice of the student body
    • Schedule Town Halls for Honors College students to share their thoughts, opinions, and ideas
    • Attend Honors Council meetings and Town Halls
    • Have regular meetings with the Dean
  • Ball Committee: In charge of fully planning the Honors College Ball
    • Pick a date and fill out all necessary SAFC and University Affiliated forms
    • Plan all the details for the Ball, including theme, decorations, food, drinks, music, etc.
    • Serve as day-of coordinators and volunteers at the Ball
  • Events Committee: Coordinate details for social and academic events
    • Brainstorm new event ideas for the upcoming semester
    • Each committee member must plan out ONE Tuesdays with HCAB activity EACH semester and coordinate with appropriate Honors College staff for room reservations, food orders, and supplies
    • Ensure that all events are well promoted by working with the Marketing Committee
  • Fundraising Committee: Raising funds for HCAB-sponsored activities
    • Raise funds for HCAB events
    • Combine fundraising with social programs if possible
    • Determine the most effective means of fundraising
    • Coordinate with the Treasurer for funds
  • Marketing Committee: Coordinate advertisements and sharing of HCAB functions
    • Run all HCAB social media platforms and website
    • Create graphic posters in collaboration with planning committee
    • Advertise HCAB events (Honors College Announcements, social media, etc.)
    • Plan team building activities for the HCAB general body
  • Volunteering Committee: Organizing volunteering/service opportunities
    • Coordinate with the Events Coordinator for service oriented events that can help benefit the Honors College community, as well as greater Chicago
    • Plan outreach events with Chicago and campus organizations
    • Choose a philanthropy or local charity to support and raise awareness for throughout the semester
    • Assist the Honors College in events they may need help for and advocating for current causes relevant to students

General body members are expected to serve in at least one of our six committees. Each committee is headed by an Executive Board member. Committee responsibilities can be found here.